Age-Specific Tips for Keeping Fit & Staying Young


Do you long to be that younger version of yourself? Do you wish that time hadn’t set in just yet? Do you wish you could get rid of the looks and telltale signs of your current age? If you wish you could take a drink from that imaginary fountain of youth, you are not alone.

It’s right about the time that the wrinkles and gravity set in that we wish for and want for our younger days. No, you can’t look exactly like your twenty-year-old self again, but you can recapture a bit of your youth. This is going to take effort, so prepare yourself — it won’t come easy. You can’t just sit on the couch with remote in hand and wish for a hotter and younger version of yourself. Wouldn’t that be fun if you could, though? What if you could enjoy a cocktail and just wish for things to look and feel differently? That would be a magic formula that we would all want for ourselves.

At Every Age Comes a Stage You Can Impact — So Just Do It!

You can’t just wish for it, but you can do something about it. Yes, even you the current couch potato binge-watching the latest season of your favorite Netflix show. Yes, you who may have never considered what it means to truly take care of yourself until now.

It may take you until that first wrinkle to care, but trust that you will care — and there is truly something you can do about it. The approach and the tips may vary by age, though some things will always be a constant. The bottom line is that you have to put forth a little effort, so get up and move away from that remote.

There is always something you can do to make yourself look and feel better. We’re not talking about throwing on some concealer to hide those bags under your eyes, either. We’re talking about getting fit, getting healthy, eating right, and actually learning to take care of yourself.

We know that sounds like a lot — but how badly do you want it? If you don’t want to look your age in a good way, then let’s get started on what that will take. Some of these you can influence now and some are important to focus on later on in life.

Use Your Twenties to Create a Healthy Foundation

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You’re young and probably still figuring it all out. Not to say that you’re clueless, but you still have a lot to learn. The fact of the matter is that aren’t really worried at this point in time about looking or feeling young. You are young and so you are the hottest version of yourself that you’ll ever be. Not to worry though, you can still hold onto a bit of that at this point in time. You just have to plan ahead for it.

This is the point in your life that you need to set and create the right foundation. This is when you need to develop good habits that can carry you through life. Care about exercise and make it part of your life. If you start working out hard now, you will be much more likely to stick with it. Same goes for eating right — so even if you have that killer metabolism, use it for good. Put away the junk food that you can eat now without an ounce gained and start eating healthy.

The habits you develop now will carry you through the older and more “mature” years. It’s not to say that all hope is lost and you will be ugly and old soon, it just means that what you do now matters greatly. Start caring even though you have so much on your social calendar, make time for your health and well being. You will look even hotter now — and these habits will help you when time is not on your side.

Use Your Thirties and Forties to Nurture Your Best Features

This is where you need to start really putting effort into the little things. You want to get into a good beauty regimen and use the right products. You want to love the skin you’re in and that means putting forth effort in taking care of it. Start taking vitamins and supplements, drink more water, and ultimately learn to nurture your best features that will support you later on.

You should still be working out, but it may be time to take it up a notch. Your metabolism is changing, you may have had a couple of kids, and things just don’t look or feel the same. This is when you really need to introduce strength training. You need to focus on adding muscle to your frame and really rev up your metabolism. It’s going to help you now but it’s also going to help you as you age too.

You have a full schedule but you still need to take time out for yourself. Learn to meal prep, make sleep a priority, and really focus on your mental and emotional health. Do things that make you happy and take time out of your busy schedule to nurture your well being. You want to feel confident and that starts from the inside out. If you maintain good habits and focus on what really matters then you won’t even look your age. Nobody will know but you!

Use Your Fifties and Beyond to Really Learn to Take Care of Yourself

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You already know who you are and you feel good about it. You’re confident and self-assured, and that’s the way that it should stay. The thing is that you can’t help but notice that things don’t quite hang the same way on you as they once did. That special treat may have meant you gained a couple of extra pounds. This is the point in which time is not on your side anymore — but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it!

Forget about what’s sagging and learn to make the most of it. Learn to do exercises that help you to reverse the hands of time. Yes, it is possible — you can look good in that bathing suit again even though gravity says otherwise. You can change up your routine a bit and maybe eat foods that help you to defy aging. Go for the antioxidant and rich colored fruits and vegetables to help you to achieve just that.

You have hopefully cut back on your to-do list on a daily basis, but that just means that your health and well being should take top priority. Make sure that you are getting enough rest and hydration. Try meditation, try a new workout class, and do things that just make you feel good. Your workout routine may have changed by now, but you should still mix cardio plus strength training. That will keep you looking hot and also ensure that you don’t easily break a hip as you reach the golden years.

Always Make Your Health and Well Being Your Top Priority

These are all age-appropriate tips and ideas, but it starts now. Yes, you have to put down that bag of chips. Yes, you have to stop listening to that inner voice that says you can’t. Yes, you have to work hard at getting fit. You have to start somewhere, but don’t let that freak you out. Many before you have done it, so you are capable of this too.

You have a million things to do and it may feel like a million people to take care of. You have so many other things to do in a day besides take care of yourself. I know, I know — it’s easy to get caught up in wiping butts and cleaning up messes. Don’t let that drag you down or keep you from being the best version of yourself. The effort you put forth and the healthy habits you create when you are young will help you throughout your life.

When everything else in your life screams no, you have to defy that voice and make your wellbeing a priority. Make time for it if it means getting up early to workout or avoiding the couch when you should be meal prepping. It’s very easy to give up on a healthy lifestyle or get lazy about it, but you have to challenge yourself. You are so much more than just that pint of ice cream and that comfy robe!

Age Specific Tips For Keeping Fit & Staying Young

Challenging Workouts, a Balanced Diet, and Plenty of Rest May Equal the Fountain of Youth

Your workouts will need to continue, but they will change through the years. You need to incorporate more strength training mixed in with your cardio. You need to eat more healthy fats and protein as you get older, while maintaining the fruits and veggies. You need to take more supplements and maintain your focus on hydration.

All of this matters and the good habits you develop early on will carry you through. The thing to remember is that as you age your habits need to change to keep up with you. No, you may not be that hot twenty-something any longer, but you’re also a lot smarter now. You can actually look good and feel good if you continue on with things.

Change your diet so the gut doesn’t settle in. Make sleep a priority even though you don’t think you need it as much anymore. Everything you do throughout each age and stage of your life will help you to be a hot senior citizen — who doesn’t want to be that?

You may not look or feel as good as you used to, but you have the ability to change that. Yes, you have to put in the actual work and can’t just design the body that you want. Yes you have to get up off the couch and put away the chocolate — but it’s all worth it if you have healthy habits to help you through each stage of life. You can be hot and healthy from your twenties to your nineties if you follow these tips and create the very best version of yourself possible.

It’s all within your grasp now go make some magic happen you gorgeous thing!

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