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A Goat Milk Soap Recipe That Guarantees Silky Smooth Skin

Let’s face it — we all want beautiful, glowing skin. That’s a given! While there are loads of different products out there that claim to work wonders, finding the right one can often be something of a trial. Luckily, there’s a natural cleanser that everyone’s talking about right now: goat milk soap! So, let’s take a look at the best goat milk soap recipe and why you have to start using it regularly.

What is Goat Milk Soap?

Goat milk soap bar next to a dish with white liquid soap and purple flowers, set on a blue cloth with white flowers behind
The combination of natural oils, essential oils, and goat milk make for a stunningly rich and nourishing soap that you will simply love.

Are you always interested in the latest beauty trends? If so, you’ve come to the right place. What is goat milk soap and why should you care? This type of beauty product is one that infuses the raw, unprocessed goat milk with other healthful ingredients. The result is a cleansing and moisturizing bar of soap that you can use on a daily basis.

4 Goat Milk Soap Benefits

Wondering what all the hype is about? There’s a reason that goat milk soap has soared in popularity recently. This type of all-natural product is rich with a wide variety of health and beauty benefits that you need to know about. So, before we get onto the best goat milk soap recipe, let’s take a look at why you will want to use it.

1. Help moisturize your skin

Female hands holding a bar of goat milk soap around the edges

By its very nature, goat milk soap is naturally creamy and luscious. With that in mind, it is the perfect homemade beauty product to moisturize your skin.

The combination of natural oils, essential oils, and goat milk make for a stunningly rich and nourishing texture that you will simply love. Using the product on a daily basis could help you to boost your skin care regime and give you some positive results.

2. Combats problematic skin

Different goat milk soap bars in a ceramic dish with lavender sprigs around it

Worried about your skin? Using goat milk soap could help with a range of skin-related problems. The Journal of Biological Research and Applied Science highlights that goats milk soap has many benefits for skin including treating acne and skin infections.[1]

3. Perfect for dry skin

Different goat milk soap bars stacked on top of each other with a white flower next to them

Dry skin can be both irritating and painful. If you find that you have dry skin on your face, you will need to improve your moisturizing technique and use the best products for you. Goats milk soap contains numerous nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin D,C, B1, B12, and E.[2] Given it’s benefits for your skin, using the soap as a natural cleanser could help you to deal with the issue of dry skin in an entirely holistic way.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

A goat milk soap bar on a bed of dried leaves, next to a bottle of essential oil, in a large dish

Do you struggle with regular skin flare-ups and breakouts? Believe it or not, using natural skin care products could help you control this issue once and for all. Research suggests that goat milk has a vast amount of anti-inflammatory properties.[3] That means that using the product on your skin could help to stop inflammation in its tracks. Of course, if you have a serious condition, such as adult acne, you should speak to your doctor about this issue. They will be able to advise you on how to best care for your skin.

The Best Goat Milk Soap Recipe

A bar of homemade goat milk soap on a wooden soap dish
Buying goat milk soap from specialist stores can be expensive. Why not whip it up yourself at home?

Now that you know all about the goat milk soap benefits, why not try making your own? Buying this type of specialist soap can be relatively expensive from health stores. However, you can whip up a batch of several bars from scratch in no time at all. Giving this goat milk soap recipe a whirl could be the answer. Here’s what you need to do.

Prep Time: 1 day  |  Make Time: 45 minutes |  Set Time: 3 days
Cure Time: 4-5 weeks  |  Makes: 7-8 bars
Equipment: Ice cube tray, medium glass bowl, large glass bowl, plastic gloves, potato masher, large pan, large spoon, handheld blender, durable soap bar mold, and silicone liners (for bar mold)


  • 350ml raw goat milk
  • 300ml organic coconut oil
  • 170mg lye flakes
  • 300ml olive oil
  • 30ml Spanish rosemary essential oil
  • Ice cubes
  • 30ml honey/honeycomb essential oil
  • Water


  1. The day before you start making the goat milk soap, you need to freeze the milk. Separate the milk into an ice cup tray and put it into the freezer.
  2. Fill the large glass bowl halfway with cold water and ice cubes. Make sure that there is still some room for the medium bowl to fit inside it.
  3. Place the medium bowl inside the large one. Take the goat milk cubes out of the freezer and put them in the medium bowl.
  4. Put your plastic gloves on! Drizzle the lye flakes into the bowl. As you do so, use a potato masher to mash the lye into the goat milk cubes. Ensure that they are all dissolved before moving onto the next part of the recipe. Keep the mixture on ice.
  5. Combine the coconut oil and olive oil in a large pan. Put the pan on 125°F heat. Stir for a couple of minutes using the spoon.
  6. Slowly pour the lye and goat milk mixture into the pan. Mix with the spoon for five minutes to start combining the goat milk soap mixture.
  7. Use the handheld blender to bring the mixture to trace, i.e. to ensure that the ingredients emulsify.
  8. Add the Spanish rosemary essential oil and honeycomb essential oil. Stir well.
  9. Put the silicone liners into the molds. Pour the mixture into the molds and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  10. Bring the molds out of the fridge and leave them in a dry place for 3-4 days.
  11. Take the soap out of the molds and leave them exposed for 4-5 weeks. This will give the goat milk soap time to cure. Turn the soap each day.

How to store goat milk soap

When you’ve made your goat milk soap, storing it correctly is absolutely essential. The golden rule here is to keep it out of sunlight as much as possible. The last thing you want is for the soap bars to melt or be affected by the light. Instead, you should pop them in a dry and covered container. You can use a small cardboard box, for example. You can store all of the bars together and keep them in a cupboard or drawer.

The moment that you want to use the soap, you should cut a small piece off one of the bars. When the soap comes into contact with water, the entire block will begin to melt. By cutting it into smaller pieces, you can ensure that you only use what you need. Simple.

5 Tips for How to Make Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap laid on a pile of grey seeds with an essential oil burner and flowers behind it

Ready to get started? Before you begin following this goat milk soap recipe, you should take note of a few extra tips along the way. This is especially important if you’ve never made any type of soap before and are completely new to the art. Here are some of the tips on how to make goat milk soap perfectly the first time around.

1. Keep the bowl super cold

When you’re mixing the goat milk with the lye flakes, you may find that the ice cubes in the larger bowl start to melt. If you notice this, you should replace them immediately. It’s important that you keep the bowl — and its contents — as cold as possible at all times.

2. Watch out for color changes

Again, when you’re mixing the lye with the goat milk, you may notice that the entire solution changes color. Should the tone become orange or light brown, you don’t need to panic and can continue. However, if you find that the mixture turns dark brown, it means that the lye has scorched the goat milk. In that case, you will need to start again.

Bar of goat milk soap on a nest made with string, next to a wooden scoop with dried leaves, and an essential oil bottle in the background

3. Protect your skin

Lye is a chemical solution that can burn your skin when not handled with care. When you’re adding the flakes to the mixture, make sure that you wear plastic gloves and be extra cautious throughout the course of the process.

4. Add some extras

If you want your goat milk soap recipe to be extra special, why not consider a few fun additions? For example, you could add some sprigs of lavender to the mixture right before you leave it to set. That way, you will be able to see the springs throughout the soap. This tip will give the soap a wonderfully homemade look.

5. Switch some ingredients

Of course, the goat milk soap recipe here is simply a guide. If you prefer to switch out some of the ingredients to make it your own, feel free to do so. For example, you could swap the prescribed essential oils for different ones. You might find that a citrus or rose style oil works well with this recipe. Equally, you might want to change your base oils. Using less coconut oil and adding in some cocoa butter could be the way to go.

Goat Milk Soap Recipe That Guarantees Silk Smooth Skin


Now that you know how to make goat milk soap, what’s stopping you? There’s nothing more satisfying than making your own beauty products at home. Ensure that you read the recipe properly before you begin and follow the instructions exactly. The truth of the matter is that you need to be as precise as possible if you hope to get this right. Why not start gathering the ingredients and planning your soap making project today?

Four Goat Milk Soap Benefits infographic

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