Keto Lunch Ideas

Spicing up your lunch has never been easier! When the middle of the day comes around and your belly starts rumbling, you want something that truly excites you. Forget eating dull and gray lunches. You deserve far better than that! If you’re looking for some easy-to-make Ketogenic recipes that are ideal for lunch, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to talk about the best Keto lunch ideas to try.

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What Are Keto Lunch Recipes?

Keto spelled out with Keto-friendly foods

Keto-friendly lunch ideas all meet the nutritional requirements


In simple terms, Keto lunch recipes are those that align with the rules of the Ketogenic diet. According to the plan, people should eat no more than 50g of digestible carbs each day. That means waving a long goodbye to bagels and sandwiches—lunchtime staples.

However, as part of the Keto plan, you can consume high-fat ingredients, such as meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs. For that reason, Keto lunch recipes tend to revolve around these oh-so-satisfying products. Much like our tasty Keto breakfast recipes, they are truly yummy.

So, what can you expect here? Well, you may find delectable salad bowls, egg-based meals, such as omelets, and even bun-free burgers. Learning these tasty recipes will help you stick to the eating plan for as long as you would like to do so.


Who Would Benefit From Making Them?

A Keto bowl with half an avocado, haloumi cheese and an egg

Are you salivating already? You can make tasty meals like this at home by following our simple recipes!


One of the main reasons that people follow the Keto diet is to lose weight. Luckily, there’s research to back up this notion. One study into the meal plan suggests that it can help to suppress a person’s appetite which can prevent overeating.[1] Another intriguing study from the British Medical Journal suggests that following the Keto diet can lead to overall weight loss.[2] That means that dieters could truly benefit from these Keto lunch ideas.

Those who have type 2 diabetes may also find that Keto lunch ideas are appealing. Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that this diet plan could help reverse the symptoms of the ongoing medical condition.[3] With that in mind, learning lunch and delectable Ketogenic dinner meals could be a healthy lifestyle choice for these people.


What Are the Advantages of Eating a Keto Lunch?

1. Low in carbohydrates

Ingredients for a freshly made keto meal such as avocado, nuts, eggs, tomatoes, and a leek next to a Keto diet planne pie chart

One of the biggest advantages of eating a Keto lunch is that it’s sure to be low in carbs. Traditional lunches, such as sandwiches and pasta bowls, are full of carbs that could make you bloated and uncomfortable when the afternoon comes.



2. Curb your appetite

Are you a self-confessed snacker? If you’re guilty of this sin, you might want to try some Keto lunch ideas. As we have already mentioned, the Keto diet has been linked with suppressing a person’s appetite.[4] That means that you’re far less likely to overeat.


Why Use Our Our Keto Lunch Ideas?


1. Simple yet delicious

A blackboard with "ketogenic diet" written on it next to a Keto-friendly salmon and salad lunch, and nuts for snacking

Lunchtimes don’t have to be boring! Much like our addictive Keto dessert recipes, the lunch ideas we have on offer are as simple as they are delicious. You won’t have to spend hours on end in the kitchen to whip them up. In fact, most of the Keto lunch ideas take less than an hour to make and will blow you away with their irresistible flavors.



2. They can be meal-prepped

Want to prep your lunch for tomorrow? Many of our Keto lunch ideas can be made the night before you have them. That means that you can take them to work the next day and enjoy a delectable homemade meal right away. If you’re entirely new to the world of meal-prep, you may find that these dishes are a smart and easy place to start.

Keto Lunch Ideas