6 Paleo Diet Benefits That Will Convince You to Make the Switch

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet plan has taken the world by storm, but should you give it a shot? If you’ve been thinking about switching up your eating habits, you might find that this diet works for you.

Before you do anything else, you’re going to want to hear about the Paleo diet’s benefits and why you should try it for yourself. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop. If you’ve been toying with the idea of this plan, this is where you can find out more.

Remarkable Paleo Diet Benefits

An array of healthy Paleo fresh foods including fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish
Once you get the basics of the Paleo diet down, you’ll see that there’s really not that much to it!

While there’s a lot of hype surrounding diet trends, you should always dig a little deeper and find out the facts. So, is the Paleo diet healthy and should you give it a whirl? The answer is that there are pros and cons to following this plan. When it comes to making your decision, you should read as much as you can on the topic.

Remember, within this guide, we’re focusing on the positives. That means we’ll only be looking at the reasons that you should try the diet plan. So, without further ado, here are six Paleo benefits you need to know about:

Weight Loss Benefits

A "Paleo Diet" sign with a measuring tape, fresh meat, and herbs

Needless to say, weight loss is a Paleo diet benefit many people hope to achieve. Trying to slim down can be difficult, to say the least. The media promotes the meal plan as a smart way to get into shape while eating the food you love. But is there any truth in this claim? According to research in the area, the answer is yes.

The Paleo diet puts a lot of emphasis on eating whole foods, which are packed with micronutrients. Research published in the Nutrition Journal suggests that this type of diet can lead to lower hunger levels.[1] In turn, that means that some people may eat smaller portion sizes when they’re following the Paleo diet, which helps them lose weight.

What’s more, since the meal plan is heavy in protein and low in carbs, it could offer other benefits. Another interesting study, published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal, suggests that a high protein diet could lead to a reduction in body fat.[2] As eating protein is known to reduce hunger levels too, many dieters find they feel fuller for longer.

Reduction in Waistline

Slim woman on the Paleo diet using a measuring tape around her waist
Trying to slim down? Research has shown that following the Paleo diet could lead to a reduction in waist size.

Of course, one of the side effects of general weight loss is sure to be a smaller waistline. If you’ve previously had problems slimming down in this area, you may want to change your eating habits for the better.

While cutting back on portion sizes is one method of attack, you could also look into adapting your meal plan to the Paleo guidelines.

Looking to get rid of some excess belly fat? If you’re hoping to lose some weight, you might find that sticking to the Paleo diet plan is a winning idea. Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that following this diet can lead to a smaller waist size.[3] Participants in the study adopted the diet plan for a period of 12 weeks and saw significant changes in the circumference of their waists among other positive changes.

Lowered Heart Risks

Paleo-approved fruits, vegetables, and grains in a heart shape next to a stethoscope

One in every four deaths in the USA is caused by heart disease, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[4] With that in mind, looking after your heart health should be at the top of your priority list. Changing your diet can undoubtedly affect your general wellness. What’s more, following the Paleo diet may improve your heart health specifically.

Research by the American Physiological Society (APS) suggests that following the eating plan for an eight-week period could lower a person’s risk of heart disease.[5] However, the researchers noted that this is a preliminary study and more evidence is needed. The current findings point to a healthier heart being one of the biggest Paleo diet benefits.

Switching to the Paleo diet also means avoiding refined sugars, which may also impact your heart health. The plan’s guidelines say that you should avoid sugars and sweeteners completely. Research published in the JAMA International Medicine Journal suggests that most US adults currently consume unhealthy amounts of sugar.[6]

The study also links high sugar consumption with an increased risk of heart disease and heart disease-related deaths.[7] That means, by following the Paleo diet plan, you may be lowering your risk of dealing with these health concerns. In simple terms, the less sugar you eat, the better it is for your health.

Improved Blood Pressure

Doctor measuring a patient's blood pressure using a blood pressure machine.
Given that so many people suffer from high blood pressure, it may be worth trying out the Paleo diet to lower it.

Around 74 million American adults currently have high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[8] The health concern is linked to prehypertension and cases of diabetes, both of which can cause further complications.[9] For that reason, should you have high blood pressure, you should do all you can to manage the problem and, if at all possible, lower your pressure levels.

One of the most surprising Paleo benefits is that it may help to lower your blood pressure. Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that following this meal plan could lead to improved blood pressure.[10] However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the changes noted were only moderate. To determine whether the Paleo diet plan offers lasting effects in this area, more evidence is needed.

Potential Lower Risk of Early Death

Three women having a great time and laughing

When you first start to follow the Paleo plan, you’ll have to grapple with a variety of guidelines. The diet rules state that you can only consume ingredients and food products that would’ve been available during the Paleolithic era. So, when you cast your eyes on the diverse Paleo food list, you’ll notice that there are no processed options on there.

Put simply, those following the Paleo meal plan will be practicing clean eating. The diet consists of solely natural food sources, which may lead to a whole host of health benefits in the long term.

Research published in the British Medical Journal links “ultra-processed foods” to a higher risk of both heart disease and premature death.[11] People following the Paleo diet could benefit by potentially avoiding these risk factors.

Adaptable and Versatile

A juicy steak on a wooden cutting board with a spread of vegetables
While there are certain guidelines that have to be followed, you can still adapt the Paleo diet to suit your particular needs.

Don’t worry if you have specific dietary or lifestyle needs: you can still benefit from switching to the Paleo diet!

One of the biggest Paleo diet benefits is the fact that it’s adaptable. While the basic guidelines suggest that you can only eat food products that would’ve been available during the Paleolithic era, you can tweak the plan to suit your specific needs.

For example, if you prefer not to eat meat, you may find that starting a vegetarian Paleo diet suits you lifestyle better. Or, if you happen to lead an active lifestyle, you may wish to follow the Paleo diet for athletes rather than the standard plan. Finding the variation of the diet that best suits your specific health requirements and lifestyle will make sticking to the plan super easy.

Final Considerations

Woman smiling while biting into a Paleo steak

As you can see here, there are numerous Paleo diet benefits you need to consider. The truth of the matter is that following this meal plan could help you lose weight, manage your blood pressure, and more efficiently practice clean eating.

However, before you jump right in and get started, make sure that you look at the possible cons of the diet too. It’s well worth doing your research and speaking with a medical professional before changing your daily diet.

6 Paleo Diet Benefits That Will Convince You to Make the Switch


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