Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

If you’re hoping to get into shape, the Paleo diet could be the answer. The eating plan is one of the most popular weight loss techniques right now and it’s plain to see why. At its core, the diet is about avoiding processed foods and instead only eating meals that our Paleolithic ancestors would have. So, how can you use the Paleo diet for weight loss?

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Why Should I Start the Paleo Diet For Weight Loss?

paleo diet for weight loss

Tired of fad dieting? Research has shown that the Paleo diet for weight loss can help you shift unwanted weight.

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to talk about why you should use the Paleo diet for weight loss. This eating plan mainly consists of natural ingredients, such as unprocessed meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Rather than counting calories and curbing how much you eat, you instead have to focus on what you eat.

There’s a body of research to suggest that the Paleo diet for weight loss works. Following the Paleo diet meal plan can lead to fat loss around the waist, according to research from the US National Library of Medicine.[1] What’s more, another study, published in the same place, suggests that this diet can help to boost a person’s metabolism.[2] This benefit may also help you to lose weight in a steady way when you embark on the diet.

How Does Paleo Weight Loss Work?

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Next up, let’s take a moment to consider how the Paleo weight loss works. There are a few crucial things that you have to consider here. The first is that the eating plan is typically high in levels of protein. Eating a high-protein diet can lead to weight loss, according to a study published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal.[3] However, it doesn’t end there.

The Paleo diet for weight loss also cuts out processed foods. Since research has linked highly processed meals to cases of obesity, this may account for why people slim down.[4] Plus, you can vary the diet to suit your needs. For example, the vegetarian Paleo diet is now immensly popular and could also lead to weight loss in the long run.

Does Paleo Diet Weight Loss Last?

Woman on Paleo diet eating watermelon

As the Paleo diet is relatively new, further research is needed regarding long-term weight loss on the diet.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Paleo diet is that it’s relatively new. For that reason, there is a lack of evidence when it comes to any long-term weight loss effects it yields. While there are studies — which we have already mentioned — that link it to shedding pounds in the short term, more research is needed into how long this lasts. Before you embark on any new diet plan, you should ensure that you speak to a medical professional.

What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid?

Ready to get started on the Paleo diet for weight loss? Before you dive into the deep end, you should ensure that you know about the possible pitfalls you should avoid. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just a few of the mistakes of which you should be aware.

1. Not eating enough vegetables


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When it comes to planning out your homemade Paleo recipes, ensure that they are packed with vegetables. Making sure that you get enough vitamins in your diet is essential.

2. Eating huge portions

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While the standard Paleo diet for weight loss is not about counting calories, you should still exercise portion control. Overeating can lead to weight gain regardless of what diet you follow.

3. Having a poor lifestyle

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Whenever you’re following a diet, you should also have a healthy, active lifestyle. For instance, if you fail to get enough sleep or don’t exercise, these issues could impact your weight loss.

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss