The Top 6 Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar You Need to Know


Old wives’ tale or scientifically-backed miracle ingredient? You’ve likely heard a whole lot of wild things when it comes to this particular product. So what are the real benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar? And should you include it in your diet?

Let’s face it, every Tom, Dick, and Harry seems to have an anecdote about how apple cider vinegar cured their ailments or saved their life. We’ve heard it all before. Yes, over the years, many claims have been made as to what the advantages of this supplement may be and why you should use it. However, it’s hard to believe everything that you read these days, especially when you don’t see any solid evidence.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the true benefits of apple cider vinegar. We’ve taken a look at the real research behind these incredible claims to get down to the core of the issue. Whether you enjoy cooking with the stuff or drink it as a healthy supplement each day, you need to know the truth. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about apple cider vinegar.

What are the Different Types of Apple Cider Vinegar?

You’re in a store, confronted by a million different brands. Where do you start? When buying an apple cider vinegar drink, you might not know which is best. Most stores stock a wide range of styles of this product. Are the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar the same regardless which type you choose?

From organic to filtered, the terminology can be a little confusing at times. The truth is that any form of this product has a base of apple juice or cider. However, there are some minor differences when it comes to the product’s production. Here’s what you should know about the various styles out there.

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

bowl of unfiltered apple cider vinegar including the mother and five red apples

The best way to identify an unfiltered batch of apple cider vinegar – aside from looking at the label – is to check out the consistency of the liquid. This type will often look cloudy and even a little murky. That’s because it hasn’t gone through the filtering process to remove the sediment or the vinegar (often called the “mother”) itself. The resulting cloudiness is nothing to worry about but shows that it still has some sediment within it.

Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar

bottles of filtered apple cider vinegar with three red apples and a cup of tea

As the name suggests, filtered apple cider vinegar has gone through one extra step in the production process. The vinegar (“mother”) and sediment have all been filtered out completely, which gives it a clear look. The result is an amber or golden looking liquid.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

bowl of organic apple cider vinegar with an apple cider vinegar drink behind it

While either of the above could be organic, the most common type of organic apple cider vinegar is unfiltered. Of course, you should check the labels on the products you buy before you choose which one is right for you and your needs. Whether or not the drink is organic shouldn’t affect the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar.

There are many health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar in any of the above forms. It is widely believed that organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is the healthiest version of the drink. However, there is no strong evidence to support this claim.

So, which should you buy? Well, that comes down to your personal preference and taste. The filtered version of the drink tends to have a milder, subtler flavor while the unfiltered version is a little more complex.

What is the Right Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage?

adding apple cider vinegar to a metal bowl of green salad

Ready to start including apple cider vinegar in your diet? Before you do so, let’s take a moment to talk about dosage. If you want to get the best benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, you need to get this 100% right. Don’t jump into the deep end here. You should start small – taking just a little of the ingredient per day – and slowly increase that measurement.

While there are no hard and fast rules on how much of it you should consume, popular doses are between 5ml and 30ml each day. Some reports suggest that there may be some negative side effects of consuming apple cider vinegar (but we’ll get to that later). So, you should be cautious about the dose you add to your diet.

One of the most obvious ways in which you can take this supplement is by drinking it. You could find that taking it in teaspoon or tablespoon form is simple. There are also many apple cider vinegar recipes out there. That means that you will have no problem finding a way to work it into your current eating plan.

Are There Any Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects?

two glasses of apple cider vinegar drinks with red apples and cinnamon sticks

So long as you take apple cider in the right dosage and pay attention to any possible side effects, you should find that it yields some amazing benefits. Educating yourself on the minor side effects of this supplement is a smart move. With that in mind, here are some of the small side effects you may encounter and some suggestions for how to deal with them ahead of time.


Since apple cider vinegar is acidic, it could cause feelings of indigestion and nausea. One study, which looked at how the supplement affected weight loss, found that while participants did lose weight, they also reported high levels of sickness.[1] One of the major causes of this could be the unpalatable taste of the vinegar.

Should you find that you don’t like the taste of the vinegar, there are plenty of solutions out there. One of the best ways to drink apple cider vinegar is to mix it with juice so the flavor is not as strong. This tip could help you to overcome any sickness that the drink causes.

Damage to tooth enamel

It should go without saying that you want to keep your pearly whites looking their best. However, drinking significant amounts of vinegar could have a negative effect on them in the long run.  One lab study, which put wisdom teeth in vinegar, found that the teeth lost around 1–20% of their minerals in just four hours.[2]

Of course, drinking vinegar and completely immersing your teeth in it entirely for long periods are two different things. To combat this issue, it’s crucial that you have a good level of oral hygiene. Cleaning your teeth, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash on a regular basis is key to good hygiene.

Skin burns

You should take precautions if you intend to use apple cider vinegar directly on the skin. Although rare, there have been reported cases of individuals suffering from painful skin burns as a result of using too much of the solution on their skin.[3] While you may only use the ingredient as a supplement, you should be aware of this possible, yet rare, side effect.

Of course, so long as you use the right measurements, you should find that there are no major issues here. Also as a general rule, you should keep this solution away from your skin and take care when cooking with it or consuming it.

Equally, it is important to make sure that you keep apple cider vinegar in a sealed container and store it out of the reach of children. Make sure that this ingredient is kept in a safe place.

How Often Should You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

a bottle of apple cider vinegar and apples sitting on a blue dish

So long as you’re careful and conscientious when consuming apple cider vinegar, you should find that it presents no health concerns. Of course, if you find that any of the above become an issue, it is vital that you visit your doctor as soon as possible and stop taking the supplement immediately.

Many people wonder how often they should drink apple cider vinegar. The most common piece of advice here is that you ought to take a little of the supplement each day. Doing so could provide you with a wide selection of health benefits. Remember, everybody is unique, which means that this is about figuring out what works for your needs.

The Top 6 Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Want to find out how including this drink in your day-to-day diet to help you and your wellness? We’ve got the details right here! Here are some of the most interesting science-backed benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar.

1. It lowers blood sugar and reduces diabetes threat

a bowl of filtered apple cider vinegar with two apples

More than 100 million Americans now live with diabetes, according to recent statistics.[4] The life-changing condition most often affects those struggling with obesity and high blood pressure. Regardless of your current health condition, lowering your blood pressure and preventing this condition is a smart move.

An exciting benefit of drinking apple cider vinegar is that it could stop the condition from developing. Including some apple cider vinegar drink in your daily diet could have some striking effects. For instance, research from Louisiana State University suggests that including supplements such as apple cider vinegar in your diet could help to prevent pre-diabetes from developing into diabetes.[5]

This supplement can also help to lower blood sugar and insulin responses, according to research from the American Diabetes Association.[6] What’s more, the same study suggested that one of the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar could be that it reduces insulin sensitivity during high-carb meals dramatically.

2. Helps to aid weight loss

bottle of apple cider vinegar with measuring tape wrapped around

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you’ll know that it’s a long and difficult journey. Sometimes, you need a little extra something to help you along the way. One of the most exciting benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar is the remarkable effect that it could have on weight loss.

If you have a tendency toward overeating, adding some of this stuff to your food could be the answer. Research from the Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry department at Lund University, Sweden found that serving bread with apple cider vinegar helped to increase satiety levels (feelings of fullness) in participants.[7] That could mean that splashing some vinegar on your food will help you to curb your hunger pangs.

It’s not just about preventing people from overeating either. Research suggests that drinking a little apple cider vinegar each day could help to reduce weight and body fat. One study, which took 12 weeks, found that participants who consumed apple cider vinegar daily lost more weight than the control group.[8]

It’s important to note that there is not a wealth of evidence relating to weight loss. Only a few studies have approached how apple cider vinegar can aid the slimming down process and many of the studies are more than a decade old.

For that reason, it’s crucial that you take the theory with a pinch of salt. While, of course, there may be weight loss benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, the jury’s still out on how far they stretch. Keep in mind that a balanced diet with regular exercise is the most effective way to manage your weight.

3. Lowers cholesterol levels

bottle of apple cider vinegar with leaves and apples

Living with high cholesterol could increase your risk of many life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke.[9] If a doctor has diagnosed you with high cholesterol, it’s important that you make lifestyle and dietary changes to combat the condition. Note: Always speak to a medical professional regarding your specific condition and the course of action that you should take.

You will often see this when you read about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar: It may have a positive effect on your cholesterol levels. Research on rats suggested that including dietary acetic acid (i.e. apple cider vinegar) in their feeding lowered their cholesterol.[10] The same theory could work when it comes to humans, although the experts need to do more research.

4. Prevents heart disease

a bottle of apple cider vinegar with red apples

Keeping your heart healthy should be a top priority. Somewhere around 610,000 Americans die of heart disease every year and the condition counts for one in four deaths nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[11]  Needless to say, it’s important that you do everything you can to avoid health risks of this nature.

Including apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing may have a surprising impact on your cardiovascular health. Research from Harvard University found that female participants who made this dietary change had a reduced overall risk of heart disease.[12] While researchers need to conduct further studies here, this report is intriguing.

5. It could help to prevent cancer

a bottle of apple cider vinegar with a basket of apples on a white background

Cancer is the collective name for a selection of diseases in which abnormal cells begin to grow uncontrollably. These cells can develop into tumors, i.e. masses of cells, along with other physiological symptoms.

The most common types of cancer include breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, and skin cancer. Each year, 439.2 people per every 100,000 will get a diagnosis of a form of this disease.[13]

Apple cider vinegar is often touted as a cancer-fighting superfood. When you look up the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, it’s often the first thing you come across. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and this claim is outlandish. When it comes to the evidence to back it up, the results are somewhat mixed. However, there have been some positive results.

There is evidence to suggest that some forms of vinegar can kill cancer cells as well as shrinking tumors.[14] The research suggests that drinking apple cider vinegar on a regular basis may help to prevent some forms of cancer.

6. Can help to prevent heartburn

dark glass bottle lying near a jar of baking soda with red apples and a cup of tea

When you’re suffering from heartburn, the pain can be almost excruciating. Despite the rather misleading name, this problem has nothing to do with your heart.

It actually materializes as a burning sensation in your chest , which happens when acid from your stomach moves upward toward your throat area. You may also experience a nasty taste in your mouth as well as bad breath and bloating.

Should you struggle with heartburn on a regular basis, it may be a sign of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD).[15] It’s important to see a medical professional and get an expert diagnosis if you believe that you have this condition.

Drinking small amounts of apple cider vinegar may help people to ward off the dreaded pain. One study from Arizona State University found that the unfiltered version of this drink could prevent heartburn.[16] However, if your heartburn is caused by high levels of stomach acid, you may find that drinking this acidic supplement makes it worse than before.

benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar title card


Apple cider vinegar is by no means a miracle cure but, as you can see from the evidence here, it could offer a wide range of health benefits when used wisely. Including it in your diet is easy and you should take the time to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle.

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