Frisky Business! The Amazing Health Benefits of Sex


You probably don’t think that working out can be fun. You probably also assume that if something is actually enjoyable that it can’t possibly be fun. The two concepts can’t go hand-in-hand, right? Working out is supposed to be a chore and your fun time is all about forgetting any responsibilities.

Does this all sound familiar? What if you found out that you could do something you actually enjoy and get in some exercise at the same time? What if that thing that you enjoy doing was sex? Yes, you read that right – the notion that sex can be enjoyable and that it can also serve as a workout is worth exploring. You really can get in a little workout time when you hit the sack!

You Can Get Back to Enjoying Sex and Benefit from It Too

Fear not, you can enjoy sex and enjoy many of the same benefits of a workout. It’s not your traditional sweat session, but it can work. You just might find that this can work wonders on your relationship and reunite you in a glorious new way.

What you have to remember is that there are certain health benefits to sex that are hard to ignore. This means that it serves as an actual cardio activity. Sure, it’s much different than your typical run on the treadmill, but it can offer some unique benefits. You can boost your heart rate and contribute to better health in every way. If you make sex a regular occurrence, you can also work towards weight loss in addition to making your partner really happy.

So, can it really be possible? Can sex truly be that good for you? Is this a worthwhile activity to consider in your daily routine? Let’s take a look at what makes sex so good for you and why you just might need to consider it as an actual physical activity.

There Are Actual Health Benefits to Enjoy

Believe it or not, there are actual benefits to the sex life your partner has always dreamed of. It may seem like this is too good to be true, but it really can work for you in the big picture. Sex is a cardiovascular activity and that means that you can reap the rewards from. So, you get to connect with your partner and contribute to improved health. It seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

If you still don’t believe it or challenge the science behind this, here are some additional ways that sex can help you to be your best physically, mentally, and even emotionally too – that’s something worth exploring when you break it down that way.

  • It may boost your immune system: When you have sex regularly you build up antibodies that can help fight germs. You are naturally boosting your immune system which means you are less likely to get sick because you have what you need to fight off toxins, illness, and germs.
  • It contributes to improved mental health: For those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, sex can be a wonderful solution. You will find that having sex regularly may contribute to improved overall mental health and better mood as part of it.
  • It helps you to get in a good cardiovascular activity: Yes, you get your heart rate up and your lungs working which means that you are actually getting some cardiovascular activity when you have sex. It may not be as much of a calorie burner as hitting the gym, but it will burn some calories so it’s definitely considered to be a cardio-based activity.
  • It can lower your blood pressure and contribute to heart health: It’s the fact that sex is a cardio based activity that offers this benefit. You will find that having sex can actually help lower your blood pressure and, at the same time, the cardio aspect helps you work improve heart health. This can help you now and in the long term in working towards prevention of things like a heart attack as well.

Get Creative and Have Fun

The thing is that sex can be both cardio and work towards strength training as well. What you have to keep in mind here is that you can build muscle if you try new things. Trying new positions and even adding in toys can not only add to the pleasure, but also to the exercise component. Though traditional sex is great, adding to it can take things up a notch can make for a more enjoyable activity.

As you are moving through the act and trying new positions, it can force your entire body to get involved. This can build muscle and therefore contribute to some of the strength training you need. You are adding muscle as you shed fat, because this is the essence of both cardio and strength training working together hand-in-hand.

Recognizing that sex can actually help you to get fit means that it can help you to lose weight if you have it frequently enough. This can improve your confidence, change the shape of your body, and ultimately help you look the way that you want to. This is a unique way of working out, but it will have you looking and feeling your best. You want to get creative and really have fun with this. When you just let yourself go and you enjoy yourself, you are contributing to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. That’s hard to come by and better than any workout in that capacity!

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Summary: Tips for Safe Sex

By all means, you absolutely need to practice safe sex. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for a workout or not, you need to be safe with your sex life. You want to be certain that you are smart and that you protect yourself to make for a truly pleasurable experience. Know your partner as the first step in this journey – even if it is a longtime partner, be smart about it and always put your wellbeing first.

Be sure that if you are having sex with somebody you don’t know well, use protection. You never want to assume that someone is clean and it is important to think through the risks for STDs and pregnancy. Use condoms and always get the conversation going. Don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations or do things that you aren’t truly comfortable with.

Action Steps: How to Have Safe and Enjoyable Sex

Have fun and get creative but do it on your own terms. If you’re with a long-time partner, then try new things but again use common sense. The last thing that you want is a trip to the hospital with a sexual encounter that’s gone terribly wrong. That’s embarrassing for both of you and may prohibit you from ever wanting to have sex again.

So, by all means make it a pleasurable experience for both of you and contribute to this as a positive overall experience. You will both be happy when you know that it’s safe, fun, and something that you can use to get fit and feel great!


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