Do You Know What Rose Essential Oil Blends Well With?

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Every woman loves a bouquet of pretty roses. However, they can only last so long sitting in a vase on your counter. Instead, you can try a more useful version of this sweet-smelling treat with rose essential oil. This oil has some major health benefits, such as improving anxiety and increasing sexual arousal. You can use it topically or aromatically. Plus, rose essential oil blends well with various essential oil blends. Meaning, you can use it in combination with some of your other favorite oils too for maximum benefit and smell.

The fragrance profile of rose essential oil is just as you’d imagine when inhaling a deep breath of a rose bouquet. The essential oil is strongly floral, sweet, and a little bit spicy smelling. The aroma also packs a smoothness to it, similar to honey, that keeps your nose coming back for more. Let’s explore what rose essential oil blends well with and how to put these blends to use!


Bottles of rose and chamomile essential oil blend for combating anxiety
Imagine immersing yourself in a bath that is designed to dampen your anxiety. Now you can by using rose and chamomile essential oils blend to make an anti-anxiety bath oil!
  • Anti-anxiety bath oil: Fill your bathtub up with some warm water and add in about five drops each of chamomile and rose oils. The oils will stay at the surface of the bath since they don’t mix with water, and will be aromatic throughout your relaxing tub-time.

Chamomile smells very light and fresh. Some say it even has a subtle apple scent. It is one of the fragrances rose essential oil blends well with to complement rose oil’s floral notes. Additionally, both these oils possess strong anti-anxiety effects.[1][2] Whether you suffer from anxiety daily or only occasionally, keeping these two oils handy for your evening bath can help you unwind and release the stresses or worries bogging down your mind.


Bottle of homemade rose and bergamot essential oil blend for boosting your body and mind
  • Mood-boosting morning moisturizer: Combine ten drops of bergamot oil and ten drops of rose oil with 100ml of your favorite unscented lotion. Apply this to your neck and chest (or all over!) in the mornings to start your day off on a positive note.

Bergamot is a citrus oil that smells potent and even a little spicy. It has some floral undertones in it, which pair well with the rose floral scents. These oils are a big boost for your body and mind as they have mood-boosting qualities to uplift your spirits.[3] For that reason, they are a perfect blend to use at the start of your day to empower your morning routine.

Clary Sage

Rose and clary sage essential oil blend for menstrural cramps
Help ease your menstrual cramps by making a homemade rose and clary sage essential oil blend.
  • Menstrual cramp rub: Start with 30ml of hemp oil. Then, add in three drops each of clary sage essential oil and rose oil. Whenever your stomach or lower back cramps hit, add a few drops of this blend to your palms and rub on your skin for some relief.

Clary sage essential oil smells earthy and floral with a strong herb odor too. Rose goes well with it because, while they are not the same smells, they fit well with each other. You can use them during your period to help with those pesky cramps.

One study tracked pain levels of menstrual cramps before and after rose oil application at 10 and 30 min marks. It found that the oil reduced pain levels of the women.[4] Another study showed how impactful clary sage can be for the same purpose too.[5] Together, these oils are a powerhouse for women.


Dropper bottles of antibacterial rose and geranium essential oil blend
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer: Combine together two tbs of witch hazel, three tbs of aloe vera, five drops of geranium essential oil, and three drops of rose essential oil. You can store this in a mini squeeze bottle for a fast, on-the-go antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Geranium and rose go together for a super springtime flower fest! Geranium is actually one of the more similar oils rose essential oil blends well with because it is described as smelling similar to roses.

Therefore, it is a great amplifier for rose oil, which is usually more expensive than geranium oil. These two oils also contain antibacterial properties,[6][7] making ideal to add to any soaps or DIY cleaners around your home. Not to mention, they’ll make you smell like a walking flower field.


Bottle of homemade anti-inflammatory rose and sandalwood essential oil blend
Just like rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory skin oil: Use 30ml of coconut oil as your base. Then, mix in three drops each of sandalwood and rose essential oils. You can apply this mixture to your skin to soothe sunburns, dermatitis, or rosacea.

If you want a combination of sweet and woodsy, this is the blend for you. Sandalwood essential oil brings a light, tree-like aroma to the table. Then, rose essential oil comes in with the sweet and floral notes to brighten up the blend. However, these oils are more than just a lovely aroma to inhale. They both contain anti-inflammatory agents to soothe your skin.[8][9]

Did you know? Rose essential oil is used as an anti-inflammatory tool in folk Persian medicine.[10]


Bottle of DIY rose and neroli essential oil blend for sexual function
  • Increase arousal aromatherapy: Diffuse equal parts neroli and rose essential oil with water according to your diffuser’s instructions. Let the pleasant smell fills your bedroom and enjoy the results.

Neroli oil comes from the bitter orange tree blossoms. It is sweet and floral but not too overwhelming. It is commonly used in perfumes, just like rose oil. In terms of health benefits, rose oil can be used to improve sexual dysfunction.[11] Rose and neroli essential oils can also improve sexual function in menopausal women.[12] However, deeper and more specific scientific research is needed to prove neroli oil’s impact alone.


Bottles of rose and lavender essential oil blend for depression and stress next to sprigs of lavender
Many people are unaware of the fact that rose essential oil blends well with lavender.
  • Anti-depressive lavender and rose uplift spray: Combine three drops of lavender with three drops of rose essential oil and 20 ml of water and 10ml of coconut oil. Spritz this mixture into the air and inhale deeply for 10 breaths. Bonus points if you close your eyes and take a 5-minute meditation break.

Lavender essential oil is floral just like rose oil, but is less sweet-smelling. It’s one of the other floral smells rose essential oil goes well with it doesn’t overpower your senses. They are familiar smells that can be enjoyed without feeling overly intense.

One study also showed how these oils used together work to combat depressive symptoms and negative emotional stress.[13] In the study, these oils were inhaled in aromatherapy for patients. You can use a diffuser for this or in an uplifting room/body spray!

What Rose Essential Oil Blends Well With


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