Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is a staple for your oil collection. This potent essential oil, which comes from the light purple flowers of the same name, is full of practical uses for your everyday life. Plus, lavender essential oil has both physical and mental health benefits too, covering a wide range of ailments.

Just read on and see for yourself! We’ll go over some of the best lavender essential oil uses so you can finally find out why this oil is so incredibly popular.


11 Lavender Essential Oil Benefits for Health & Beauty


The 10 Best Lavender Essential Oil Products Ever

What is Lavender Essential Oil?


The chances are you have already used some products with lavender oil in them. It’s a common ingredient given it’s multifaceted benefits!

Lavender essential oil is steam-distilled from the lavender plant, also called Lavandula. Because it comes from the aromatic flowers, it also smell strongly floral and calming.

Lavender essential oil blends well with nearly all other oils from peppermint essential oil to ylang ylang essential oil.

However, the benefits of lavender essential oil are what makes it such an outstanding tool for alternative medicine and aromatherapy. For example, it’s anti-anxiety, antibacterial, and anti-insomnia.[1] Now, let’s check out some practical uses for this sweet and soothing oil.

6 Common Lavender Essential Oil Uses

1. Fights Insomnia

Woman suffering from insomnia sitting up in bed looking exhaustedPutting one or two drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow before bed can dramatically improve your sleep.

According to research, lavender oil is not only a sedative, but it can also help to improve your sleep quality and potentially reduce sleep disturbances too.[2]

2. Eases Muscle Pain

Woman stopping from her run to hold her back in painLavender is antispasmodic, meaning it can help improve muscle pain and spasms.[3]

Research also shows this oil can be especially helpful for muscle pain when applied topically.[4] It works great when added to a soothing lotion or after workout rub.

3. Treats Fungus on Skin

Woman on her bed touching her foot afflicted with athlete's footThe antifungal benefits of lavender oil make it ideal for keeping you free from any agitating skin issues.[5]

You can combine it with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, and then rub it onto the affected area. Fungal infections such as Candida and Athlete’s foot can be helped via an all-natural lavender oil solution.

4. Reduces Depression

Woman with depression sitting on her couch contemplating lifeLavender essential oil is one of a few known mood-stabilizing oils,[6] which can actually help ease symptoms of depression.

In one study, a lavender oil blend was utilized during a massage and aromatherapy session with a variety of depressed patients. Afterward, the depressive symptoms of those patients was noticibly reduced.[7]

5. Reduces Anxiety

Depressed woman curled up in her bed crying into her handsLavender contains high amounts of linalool, which can calm your nervous system.[8] In a variety of studies and tests, lavender repeatedly showed great abilities to calm signs of anxiety in a range of patients and situations.[9]

It even helped reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms in postpartum women![10]

6. Reduces Inflammation

Woman suffering from sunburn taking off her strappy top in painThere are plenty of essential oils for skin, but lavender essential oil stands out for its amazing smell and ability to reduce redness and inflammation.[11]

This oil can be used for a number of skin issues such as dermatitis, wounds, and even sunburns. Just combine with a sensitive lotion or carrier oil and apply topically to your skin.

Why Has It Become So Popular to Use?

A clear bottle of lavender essential oil next to sprigs of freshly picked lavender

 Not only does lavender essential oil boast a wonderful smell, it also has a number of practical uses.

Lavender is an essential oil that stands out to so many of us because of its universally satisfying scent, and plethora of uses. It’s no wonder why there are so many amazing lavender essential oil products on the market!

In America, anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental illness.[12] On top of that, one-half of those who have anxiety also have depression.[13] Both of these disorders can lead to sleep problems. Lavender is scientifically-proven to help improve all of these common issues while being relatively cheap.

Plus, even if you don’t want to use lavender essential oil for its sleep support, it’s an amazing diffuser oil to freshen up your home.

Lavender Essential Oil