What is My Spirit Animal? How to Find Your Spiritual Guide In 5 Steps


Do you have a spirit animal that guides your life? You may have heard of these guardians but not be sure how to find yours. If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is my spirit animal”, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how you can find yours and why it matters.

Spirit Animal Meaning: What Exactly Are They?

Illustration of a Native American woman next to her spirit animal, a large eagle
Modern-day spirit animals may have ties to the Ancient Native American belief system. These creatures act as guides and are personal to each individual.

Before you ask the most important question—what is my spirit animal?—you must understand what they are. These creatures come and go throughout your life and may be able to help guide you through the trickier times. Some people call them spirit guides while others see them more like animals that have a dream-like nature.

The history of these guides is rich with symbolism and spiritualism. Modern-day spirit animals may have ties to the Ancient Native American belief system. The fundamental idea was that totem animals would appear to individuals in dreams or symbols throughout their lifetime.[1] These creatures were guides and personal to each individual, according to the Pan American Indian Association.[2] Since the word “totem” means either “family” or “brother”, the spirit animals came to be a part of the home and a person’s family.

Unlike gods or goddesses, these animals take the same position in life as people. While they are undoubtedly different to human beings, they share equal status and have the ability to guide people too.[3] A person can have a variety of different spirit animals throughout the course of their life. When they have found their animal, they will never do harm to these creatures in their life. For example, if someone’s spirit animal was a pig, they would not dream of eating pork or ever hurting a pig in the real world.  

What Are The Benefits of Discovering Yours

Before we move onto how to find your spirit animal, let’s take a moment to talk about why it’s important. Your spirit animal is a guide, much like a guardian angel. Many people ask themselves “what is my spirit animal”, and yet figuring out the answer doesn’t take much work at all.

Once you have discovered yours, you will find that you gain many benefits. Aside from merely showing you your pathway, these spirits can help you to enhance all areas of your daily life. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect along the way.

Understand yourself more deeply

A white horse galloping

When you find your spirit animal, make sure that you pay close attention to the innate characteristics and personality it has. The qualities that you find in your spirit guide will often be similar to your own. By observing the way in which your spirit animal behaves, you may be able to better understand and love yourself. You can learn from their character and gain a deeper understanding of who you are on a spiritual level. 

Make decisions and choices

A white dove flying high in the sky.

As we have already mentioned, your spirit animal is a type of guide. In the most literal sense, that means that they should be able to help you make decisions and choices in your everyday life. When you are faced with a difficult period, you may want to call on them and ask them for their wisdom and guidance.

There are two ways in which you can do this. Firstly, you can ask your spirit animal to help you with these choices. You may get a message back from them through a dream or thought. Alternately, you could use their traits to help guide your decision. For example, if your spirit animal is a dove, that could represent peace and forgiveness. The message may be that you need to learn to forgive the people who have wronged you.

Receive spiritual messages 

A white tiger, a common spirit animal.

After you have asked yourself “what is my spirit animal” and received the answer, you can begin to connect with your guide. One of the core reasons that people wish to discover their animals is so that they can receive messages from them. You will have to learn to listen to your intuition and understand what it is telling you. The messages you get may come through a symbol you see, a thought that comes randomly, or a dream.

What is My Spirit Animal? Here’s How to Find Your Spirit Animal

Close up of a yellow tortoise.
Should an animal or creature appear recurrently in your dreams, you may want to take that as a sign.

Next up, let’s deal with the crucial question – what is my spirit animal? While there is no magical way to find your spirit animal overnight, there are some simple steps you can take. Follow these tricks that will allow you to uncover your personal guide over time.

1. Look for symbols in your dreams

Do you record your dreams? You should pay attention to any symbols you find within them. To do so, you could start a dream journal and attempt to interpret each dream you have. Should an animal or creature appear recurrently in your dreams, you may want to take that as a sign. There may be a reason that the same spirit animal keeps choosing to show themselves to you. Take the time to notice and remember them when you wake.

2. Notice odd animal encounters

Picture the scene. You’re walking down the street when you notice a stray dog following you. Each time you turn the corner, it’s there again, following your every move. It would appear that the animal knows you from somewhere. When you experience an odd animal encounter, don’t merely brush over it or ignore it. These instances could be indicative of a deeper meaning and may help you find your spirit animal.

A polar bear on an ice cap.
If you feel a strong connection to particular animals, that could help you find your spirit animal.

3. Consider important animals in your life

Are you an all-around cat person? If you feel a strong connection to particular animals, that could help you find your spirit animal. Often enough, the creatures that we find ourselves drawn to in our everyday lives have a particular significance to us. You should never ignore these feelings. Instead, lean into them and consider whether the animals that you hold dear to you could be guiding you in some way.

4. Meditate and call your animal

Do you know how to meditate? If so, you can use this practice to find your spirit animal. Before you begin your meditation session, you need to set our the purpose and outcome you hope to achieve. Say the words “what is my spirit animal” in your mind or even aloud. You should keep your focus and attention on this question throughout the meditation session. While this step will by no means work every single time, you may find that an animal guide comes into your mind during your meditative state.

5. Pay close attention to your intuition

Do you listen to your intuition? Paying close attention to what it’s telling you could be the secret to discovering your spirit animal. While many find that they engage well with their intuition through meditation and mindfulness, you may find that you can listen to it throughout the day. Ask yourself “what is my spirit animal” silently and be ready for the answer to come your way. It may be a feeling or even a thought that you notice.

Spirit Animal List: 7 of the Most Common Ones

Are you still wondering how to find your spirit animal? It may help you to look at a spirit animal list before you get started. With that in mind, here are seven of the most common guides that people tend to have and the traits that each one offers.

1. Butterfly

A woman holding a black butterfly with orange detail in the palm of her hands.

The symbol of transformation and change, the butterfly is a sign that you need to overcome obstacles in your life. It shows that you are strong and ready to bloom.

2. Dove

A white dove, a common spirit animal.

As peaceful as it is beautiful, the dove is one of the most welcoming spirit animals. Those that it guides should be grateful and relaxed.

3. Cat

A closeup of a back and grey cat with bright green eyes.

The cat spirit guide is curious and confident. If you find that this is your spirit animal, it means that you are truly independent and free.

4. Bear

A brown bear, a common spirit animal.

Those who have the bear as their spirit guide are usually a lover of nature and the great outdoors. The animal can help you to heal and grow.

5. Fox

A fox sitting on a patch of grass, staring at something in the distance.

Foxes are instinctive and clever animals. If you have this creature as your guide, it means that you use your intelligence to move swiftly through the paths of life.

6. Eagle

An eagle about to land.

As loyal as they are beautiful, the eagle is a symbol of freedom. People who have these as their spirit guide are natural-born travelers.

7. Elephant

An elephant walking down a path towards the viewer.

Gentle and smart, the elephant is a sturdy and reliable guide. If you have this creature as your spirit animal, you are a sensible and clever person.

What is My Spirit Animal? Find Your Spiritual Guide.


With any luck, this article will have answered the question “what is my spirit animal” for you. Referring to our spirit animal list as well as our tips, you’ll be able to soon begin to listen to them and turn to them when you need help. Don’t forget, you may get other spirit animals in your life. Be sure that you are ready to welcome them when they come your way.

7 Most Common Spirit Animals - What is My Spirit Animal infographic

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