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About WellMe®

The team at WellMe® is committed to empowering women with the nutritional support they need to live happier, healthier lives.

With our portfolio of cutting-edge, research-backed solutions, together with educational resources and personalized care, WellMe® provides the necessary support needed to address specific health goals at any age.

In doing so, WellMe® is redefining what health looks and feels like at every stage of a woman’s life.

The WellMe®
Product Range

MenoRescue’s proprietary formula is the first in the world to combine eight clinically-proven hormone-supporting nutrients with Sensoril®, an advanced and patented ingredient shown to promote healthy cortisol levels.

This cutting-edge ingredient blend promotes a calm and comfortable menopause in a unique way: by stabilizing estrogen and progesterone levels during the menopause transition, while at the same time gently supporting the body’s production of those two hormones.


BioVanish works by helping your body balance the fat-burning enzyme BHB, which is the same way the Keto diet burns fat. But instead of starving yourself of carbs to balance BHB, you simply add BioVanish to your morning routine.

The BioVanish formula combines 9-carbon-chain MCT oil powder, L-theanine, and WellMe’s unique B-Vitamin Blend to support your body’s production of BHB to bring about fast and effortless weight loss.

Collagen Refresh
Collagen Refresh

Collagen Refresh is a unique approach to collagen health, formulated to boost your own body’s production of natural, human collagen. It’s backed by both Ivy League research and real-world results.

Collagen Refresh’s formula is more than a multi-collagen blend. It includes bovine, marine, and eggshell collagen peptides, but then also includes a proprietary blend of vitamins and nutrients shown to increase collagen production inside your own body.

Andrea Taylor, CPT, CNSC

WellMe® is headed by Andrea Taylor, CPT, CNSC. A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Andrea is committed to helping women of all ages live their best lives.

Andrea has experienced both the extreme highs and lows of the wellness spectrum: having been a bodybuilding champion and also a cancer survivor, she knows the incredible feats our bodies are capable of when we give it the support it needs to thrive.

As well as her role at WellMe®, Andrea founded, and currently runs, an award-winning gym in Southern California. She’s been featured in major health magazines like FLEX, Muscle & Fitness, Ironman, and Inland Empire, and has been brought on to discuss women’s health on various TV news programs.

WellMe® – Dedicated to Excellence
Collagen Refresh

All the formulas in the WellMe® range are meticulously manufactured and packaged right here in the USA, in a climate-controlled, FDA-inspected facility that follows current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines.

This guarantees the strictest standards in terms of quality control to ensure the finest, purest, and most effective products imaginable. And to ensure as many people can benefit from our exclusive formulas, all of them are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, and free from gluten, dairy, egg, crustaceans, and of course, nasty BPAs, and GMOs.

It's an expensive process with many steps, but here at WellMe®, we won't settle for second best. And neither should you.

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