The 5 Best Essential Oils for Allergies

Allergies are a year-round ordeal. Whether you get congestion in the Spring, or skin inflammation after petting a furry friend, essential oils for allergies may help you. With the wide range of essential oils for ailments on the market, you can keep your body in tip-top shape without unnecessary chemicals or confusing ingredients.

Coming up we’ll run through some of the best essential oils for allergies that can help your body cope and get you back into the world. Full speed ahead!

What Are Essential Oils for Allergies?


So, what are essential oils for allergies exactly? Basically, these oils are just more potent versions of the plant they originate from. If you’re familiar with some medical history, you’ll know that plants have been used as a form of medicine for centuries. Many have found that certain essential oils possess abilities to help ease the symptoms of mild allergies.

Each oil has different qualities, so you can see which oil matches your specific needs. You can even blend a few together to make a personalized mixture.

To use essential oils for allergies, you can diffuse them into the air or inhale them directly from the bottle. Or, apply them along with a carrier oil onto your skin.

Remember: Some essential oils are too harsh for sensitive skin and you’ll need to take special precautions so they don’t worsen your symptoms. Lemon oil, for example, should not be applied to your skin before going in direct sunlight. This is because it’s phototoxic and may give you a sunburn-like reaction.

Do They Really Work?


Everyone is different, and everyone’s allergies are even more different! However, for the most part, these essential oils for allergies can offer some relief.

According to the research provided, these essential oils work by doing a few different things. For instance, some may open up your airways, while others possess anti-inflammatory effects. But all of these effects may be beneficial to your allergies when used properly.

Try some out for yourself and see which blends work the best for your body. Now, let’s see which essential oils are good for allergies and what makes them so special.

The 5 Best Essential Oils for Allergies

1. Lavender


Lavender essential oil is known for being soothing for the body and mind. This purple flower cultivates an essential oil with a sweet, gentle aroma that may help control your allergies.

In short, lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory.[1] So, inhaling it and applying it topically may help alleviate inflamed sinuses or skin that’s having a mild reaction.

One study using lavender essential oil even noted that it may be able to suppress allergic airway inflammation. They noted that, because of this, it may potentially be used to help ease mild asthma symptoms as well.[2]

You can also use lavender essential oil for allergies at night. This is because it helps to relax the mind and is anti-anxiety.[3] This may allow you to get a better night’s sleep away from allergies and stress.

2. Peppermint


When you’re stuffed up, it might feel like you’re suffocating. Then, you can fall victim to sinus headaches on top of the already uncomfortable situation. Luckily, peppermint essential oil is there to help reduce inflammation.[4]

The menthol in peppermint makes for an excellent rub on your chest to ease small coughing fits and mild congestion.[5]

Alternatively, you can rub some on your temples to potentially reduce headaches and migraines.[6] It’s one of the most effective essential oils for headaches. This is a winning combination if you suffer from headaches induced via sinus pressure as it can help free your senses with its fresh, cool aroma.

Some studies even show peppermint working as a mild pain reliever when applied topically,[7] thus benefiting headaches and minor skin reactions alike.

3. Lemon


The burst of citrus scent that lemon essential oil gives off can also help you with your allergies, whether your symptoms are showing up on your skin or in your sinuses.

In terms of nasal allergies, one study using a lemon nasal spray said it had a positive effect on patients in terms of reducing their allergy symptoms.[8] While more research is needed on this specifically, it makes sense because lemon is such a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.[9] Therefore, it’s also one of the best essential oils for skin troubles.

Basically, lemon oil can significantly benefit your negative skin reactions by easing minor inflammation and calming the area.

4. Eucalyptus


Similarly to peppermint, eucalyptus essential oil is a bold-smelling oil with menthol to cool skin and open airways. As one of the best essential oils for allergies, eucalyptus may help alleviate some congestion via its anti-inflammatory properties.

One study using rats showed a lot of promise. It suggested that this oil may be beneficial in treating some flu-like symptoms and possibly mild bronchial infections as well.[10]

Additionally, some new research suggested that, with further study, eucalyptus essential oil may be beneficial for regulating your immune system and immune reactions.[11] This may eventually benefit allergy sufferers as most allergies are your body’s hypersensitive immune reaction to certain substances.

5. Frankincense


Frankincense is more than just one of the most comforting essential oils for anxiety,[12] it’s also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory too. [13]

So far, there’ve been a number of studies focusing on the tree resin that Frankincense is derived from, each claiming its many potential benefits for your body.

One example is the study done on its possible benefits for relieving mild asthma symptoms.[14] It also shows promise as an immunostimulant for minor respiratory infections.[15]

So, whatever your need, add in a few drops of frankincense essential oil to your blend for a super-supportive boost. Whether you’re targeting issues with your airways or pains from headaches, frankincense has the power to potentially help you out.

Ready to Ease Your Allergies?


Now that you know the best essential oils for allergies, don’t forget to incorporate them into your routine. Keep your favorite blend handy in a glass roll-on bottle for quick application on the go.

Alternatively, you can mix some of these oils into your favorite unscented lotion and reap their benefits while simultaneously keeping your skin well-hydrated.

We hope these oils help you feel far less itchy and far more fantastic!



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